Placement Cell

Placement services
The Institute’s Placement Cell invites principals/heads of institutes from schools of the national and international boards for Campus Interview of the student teachers.

Objectives of the SXIE Placement Cell

To orient students about the trends in the teaching career.

To stimulate their thoughts on the current challenges of the teaching profession like stress, mental health, special children, student related problems

To make students aware of the career opportunities in various educational institutions.

To conduct campus interviews to enable students have variety of opportunities within the institution.

To give a practical experience to students about the various educational setting.

Activities to be conducted:

 Workshops /Talks on the certain topics like problems in schools, mental health, stress in students and teachers, special children, rules related to teachers, RTE, RTI

A notice board to be maintained.

Academic Year 2020-21

Report : Campus Placement 2020-21

Campus Placement 2021

Academic Year 2019-20


Activities organized by the Institute under Campus Placement Program are;

I.               Pre Campus Placement Program

  • Survey on General attitude of Student Teachers towards Teaching Profession
  • Orientation about Various School boards
  • TET workshop
  • Orientation to CTET procedure
  • Orientation on International Board Curriculum : 19th November 2019
  • Orientation on CBSE Board Curriculum: 20th November 2019
  • Session on Swayam Course

II.             Campus Placement Program

  • Setting up support system for Application submission procedure (CTET)
  • Pre-Interview Presentation by the Schools
  • Campus Placement Orientation and Mock Campus Placement Interview
  • Orientation through LMS (Online tutorials)
  • Campus Placement day arrangement (24th Feb and 02nd March 2020)

III.           Post Campus Placement Program

  • Post Campus Placement support 

Notice : Campus Placement 2020

Report of Campus Placement Program 2020

MHRD Swayam Course Result

Academic Year 2018-19

Campus Placement Report

Campus Recruitment 2018-19 : Alumni

Orientation on Prospects In Higher Education


Academic Year 2017-18

Campus Placement - 13th January 2018

Campus Placement - Employment Details

Campus Placement - Report

Campus Recruitment International Schools

Academic Year 2016-17

Campus Placement Program Click here for Report /Report

        Campus Recruitment Program for 2015-17 Batch - Date: 22nd  March 2017

        Pre Interview Prepresentation from 11th  to 20th March 2017

        Campus Placement Program :  Dubai Scholars: Date : 11.02.2017 / Report

        Campus Placement Program : Gems International: 08.03 . 2017

        Campus Placement - Employment details

        Employment Application Form ( Submit a copy of Employment application form for campus placement)

         Orientation to Higher Education : As a part of Campus Recruitment Cell, a session on Orientation to Higher Education was  conducted on Thursday 22nd December, 2016 in St. Xavier’s Institute of Education for the second year B.Ed. students of the batch 2015-2017. The resource person was Dr. Sybil Thomas from the Department of Education, University of Mumbai. The session was organized for providing information about the different courses that a B.Ed. student can pursue for higher education after the completion of the B.Ed. course. 

The schools that came for Campus Placement were as shown in the table below :

1 The Scholar High School ICSE
2 Jamnabai Narsee High School ICSE
3 Activity High ICSE
4 Dr Pillai Global Academy ICSE
5 Christ Church ICSE
6 R. N. Podar ICSE
7 Universal Education ICSE/ IGCSE
8 JBCN International ICSE/ IB
9 St Francis School ICSE
10 Beacon High ICSE
11 Diamond Jubilee High School ICSE
12 Gold Crest ICSE
13 Arya Vidya Mandir ICSE
14 Trinity International IGCSE
15 Avalon Heights International International
16 Billabong International International
17 Vissanji Academy International
18 Islamic International International
19 Brightstart Fellowship International
20 Vibgyor High International
21 Edubridge International International
22 Shishuvan International
23 Dubai Scholars IGCSE
24 GEMS Education CBSE/ INTNL
25 Udayachal High School SSC
26 St George High School SSC
27 Akanksha Foundation SSC
28 Fatima High school SSC
29 St Stanislaus SSC
30 Suffah English School SSC
31 Education Foundation NGO
32 Aseema Charitable NGO
33 Gopi Birla Memorial CBSE
34 Greycells E Content Development