Club Activities

Academic Year 2020-21

Mental Health crucial for Mental Wellness – 12th May, 2021

Health cell Report - Report of Session on :Eating Right A 10 Point Plan

Health Cell Talk 

Health Cell Talk 

Sciecne Club : Talk on Viirtual Laboratory by Ms.Alethea Vaz

Health Cell Activities : AIDS Awareness Program 

Mathematics Club : Webinar Series

Health Cell Initiaitve : Live Yoga Session / Report

Virtual Heritage Walk

Academic year 2019-20

Sciecne Club Report

SXIE Care :Fight aganist COVID 19 : An Information brochure published by Science Club for Public awareness on 19th March 2020

Covid 19 Health cell Brochure 

Geography Club

Field Trips as Learning Resources - Club Visit


Academic Year 2018-19

Science Club - Trailblazers

History Club

Health Cell

Geography, Economics

Mathematics Club

Field Visit to Godrej Archives : 13th November 2018 


Academic Year 2017-18

Sciecne Club

Mathematics Club Report

Economics Club Report

Faith Formation

Academic Year 2016-17

Health Cell

Importance of Health and Nutrition

Academic Year 2015-16


 Language Club

The    objective    of    the    language    club    is    to:

  • Develop    awareness    of    various    resources    that    can    be    used    for    teaching    –learning    of    languages
  • Enhance    the    communication    abilities    of    the    students
  • Creative    expressions    in    preparation    of    any    instructional   aid

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  Economics Club

The Economics method students from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education along with the Economics teaching faculty visited Bank of Maharashtra as a part of the field visit for the academic year 2015-2016. The main purpose of the visit was to gain firsthand understanding and information on the workings of a nationalized bank.

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 Science Club

The Science method students of the B.Ed batch (2015-17) from St.Xavier's Institute of Education visited Nehru Science Centre as a part of the Science Club Activity on 26th October 2015.

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 History Field Visit

  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya  formerly known as The Prince of Wales Museum

  Field visit for students of Pedagogy History to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai was organized on the 26th October 2015. Following were the broad objectives of the field visit:


·        to give student teachers of history subject hands- on experience of organizing a field visit


·        to create an awareness about importance of museum visit in the teaching of history



·        to give student teachers an enriching experience of cultural treasures of India



·        to help student teachers gain insight into different art forms from various periods o history



·        to strengthen the visual literacy of history subject students through observation of  historical objects


Maths Club Report

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Academic Year 2014-15

Club Activities

Different clubs of the Institution did various activities during the year. E.g. Canteen organized by the Economics Club, Republic Day and Independence Day Celebrations by the History Club, etc.



The student teachers were taken on visits to provide ‘hands-on’ learning experiences. Some of them were visits to Max-Mueller Science Exhibition, Nehru Science Centre, ADAPT Centre, Nehru Planetarium, etc.

Mathematics Club activity report

Science club activity 

25 students were sent to the NSC for a teacher training program cum visit
• To orient them to the NSC
• To develop their scientific temper
• To help them interact with experts in Science
• To develop skills in making teaching aids in science

A science blog was created for the students  :  
• To orient them with the science club activities
• To help students post their articles related to science
• To share lesson plans in science
• To discuss innovative teaching strategy in science
• To create a platform for professional interaction among science teachers