The College has a well-equipped Library, with over 10000 books. It is well-lit and spacious, conducive to serious study and research. A well-qualified Librarian and a Library Attendant are always at the counter to assist with locating books and with any other queries. The College also provides inter-library facilities from neighbouring Institutions and Universities.

St. Xavier's Institute of Education strives to contribute towards developing tomorrow's teachers in the era of globalization from the conventional one, equipped with the values of collaboration, compassion and commitment. At the library we work towards stimulating the process of teaching and learning and developing life long learners.

St. Xavier's Institute of Education Library has over 10000 Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, Journals, E-Resources, Lesson Plans, and Project Work etc. Library's learning resources have made a difference in the areas of getting students interested in planning their lessons creatively, increasing students retention power, providing in depth information of any concept or terms, promoting higher order thinking, enhancing the student-teacher's involvement, providing satisfaction, solving students doubts & increasing group interaction.

 Library Initiatives 2019-20

Library  updated detail

Library book added during the First half of 2019-20

 Library Initiatives 2018-19


Promote the culture of reading

       Initiating activities for student involvement with the library


Inter-house competition organized by library committee including essay writing, poetry writing and poster making on the theme of Vivekananda and his life for the S.Y. B.Ed. students: students were supposed to refer to the materials available in the library.

Outcome: library books were referred by the S.Y.B.Ed students and they also incorporated the original work done by authors regarding Vivekananda in their own writings. Posters were made with innovative ideas on the basis of reading. This helped to fulfil the objective of students’ involvement with the library.Installing best readers award for encouraging readership: students chose the book of their interest read and analysed and further presented in the class where they also answered related question in the open forum.

Outcome: Students did develop the culture of reading fulfilling the second objective as well as they sharpened their skills of analysis and presentation.

Visibility of new arrivals of books and journals in the library via notice boards on different floors of the college

Regularising library committee with external and internal members

Creating think tank of ideas to make library a student friendly place.

Barcoding system for books and students’ entry for smooth functioning of the library

Library details 2018-19

 Library Initiatives 2017-18 - Strengthening Library Resource

Initiated best library user award for students.

       Student wise Books Circulated to First & Second Year students (From June 2017–February 2018) is taken into consideration for Best Reader selection.

        Assembly collaboration with library

·    Assembly collaboration with Library – In order to select a topic for assembly presentation, students are motivated to refer journals, books and magazines from the library. After reading and reflecting on the topic, students present their perspectives during the assembly. At the end of the presentation, reference books used for assembly presentation have to be projected.c.    Library Competitions – December 2017

Library Competitions – December 2017

        Essay Writing & Poster Making on the theme of   Swami Vivekananda was conducted on National Youth Day. 

Journal and Periodical alert service

Students are made aware about new research developments undertaken in education  and on their academic subjects through “Journal and Periodical Alert File” maintained in the library.

Books are displayed in the library based on various themes and topics.

Students are encouraged to refer books and journals for action research (SY) and assignments (FY).

Library Initative - Report

Library Details - Books, Journals etc

Library Initiatives 2016-17 

The details of the addition of books and other resource materials added to the library in the financial year 2016-17 are as follows;

1. No. of books Purchased 2016-17 : 138

2. No. of Reference books Purchased 2016-17 : 180

3. Amount spent for purchasing Reference books : Rs.77873/-

4. No. of titles of Journals (2016-17) : 8 ( 4 Print+ 4 Online) 

5. Amount spent for purchasing the journals : Rs.12500/-

6. Database : N List : Rs. 5750/-

7. No. of Periodicals: 2

8. Amount spent for periodicals : Rs.1611/-

9. Software SLIM (AMC) : Rs. 26621/-

10. No.of Newspapers : 04

11. Amount spent for Newspaper : Rs.6120

12. CD ROMS (Complimentary): 45 

Working Hours:

  • 8.30 a.m. To 5.00 p.m. (Monday To Saturday except Holidays)

Library Services:

  • Circulation Service
  • E-Resources
  • Library Orientation
  • New Arrivals-Display
  • Reading
  • Reference & Referral
  • Reprography

Library Rules & Regulations:

  1. The Library remains open on all the working days except Sundays and notified public holidays . The opening hours of the Library are 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
  2. Library Membership can be obtained, who have joined the college as regular students by showing the admission slip.  A non-member can use library resources on the premises with the permission of the Principal.
  3. Every student will be required to show the Identity card, to the Library staff while entry in the library/on Demand & Sign on the Visit Register of the Library.
  4. The Library follows an Open-shelf system.  Members are free to browse through the collection, in the stack area.
  5. Students are required to leave their Bags, Files, Folders & Personal Belongings outside the Library before accessing the library resources.
  6. No Library resources can be taken out of the Library without permission.
  7. Only Two Books will be issued at a time, per student, for Current Reference against their ID card.
  8. Only Two Books will be issued for home reading, per student.
  9. Text Books for the B.Ed. Course are issued for 4 days only.  Other Books are issued for one week.  Book may or may not renewed, at Librarian’s discretion as per case of books “in demand”
  10. Question Paper Set, Reference Book, Syllabus, Project, Lesson Plan, Newspaper, Journals & Periodical can only be used within the library premises only.
  11. Eating, Smoking, Discussions is strictly forbidden.  Strict silence, decorum and discipline must be maintained in the Library.
  12. Readers should not mark, underline, write, tear page/s.  Appropriate action will be taken & student shall be asked to make good, any loss or damage to library resources. They shall have to replace with a new copy and pay 20% of cost of book as fine.
  13. The Librarian may temporarily or permanently suspend the Library membership if student is found causing  any damages to library resources or violation of the rule and regulations of the library.  
  14. Library fine  is Rs. 2/- per day, including holidays, will be charged for books, not returned within the specified time.  The student will be responsible for library resources issued to him/her. Also failing to return Book Bank Books, Fine of Rs. 5/-per book, per day will be levied after the due date.  Students may avail of the Photocopying/Reprography facility at Rs. 1/- per page.
  15. Students shall be entitled to collect their Mark Sheets/Leaving certificates/NOC, only after all library resources against their names, have been returned/replaced or paid for.