Fr. Blaise D'souza S.J (Manager)
Dr. Sosamma Samuel

Designation: Principal (Ph.D. Guide : University of Mumbai)
Educational Qualification : Ph.D, M.Phil, M Ed, M.A, B.Sc, PGD in Counseling
Areas of Interest: Research Methodology, Quantitative Research, Educational Statistics, Interactive Pedagogy for schools , Innovative Assessment Techniques, Life coach , Personality training, Educational / vocational/personal Counseling.
Dr. Geeta S Shetty
Designation: Associate Professor
Educational Qualification : Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Ed, M.A.-English Literature, B.Sc Microbiology, Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Education
E-mail: geetashetty2002@yahoo.co.uk
Areas of Interest:
Customer Orientation in Education, Transactional Analysis in Education, Managerial Skills, Communication Skills, Teaching Learning Strategies, Team Building, Conflict Management, Managing Inclusion, Creativity in Education, Entrepreneurship in Education, English Language Development, Models of Teaching, Micro teaching, Holistic Education, Student Motivation, and Contemporary Teaching and Evaluation.
Dr.Vini Sebastian
Designation: Associate Professor  (Ph.D. Guide : University of Mumbai)

Educational Qualification : Ph.D. (Education), M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), M.Ed. Post Grad. Dip in Higher Education, Post Grad. Dip in Management of Education
E-mail: vinseb2@gmail.com
Areas of Interest:
Educational Philosophy, Educational Psychology, Educational Management, Educational Evaluation, Action Research, Environmental Education, Science and Mathematics Education

Dr. (Mrs) Elvina Nevil Pereira
Designation: Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification : Ph.D, M.Ed., PGDME, MA (Marati), MA (History)
E-mail : pereiraelvina@gmail.com
Areas of Interest:

Educational Management, Global Education, International Education, Pedagogy of History, Educational Leadership
Dr. Shadab Paloji
Designation : Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification : Ph.D,M.A English Literature,M.Ed, PG Certificate Course in Research Methodology in Education
E-mail : shadab_paloji@hotmail.com
Areas of Interest :
Quality Management, Guidance and Counseling, ICT, English Literature
Ms. Kalpana Chavan
Designation: Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification: M.A. Philosophy, M.A. Sociology, M.Ed.
E-mail: kalpana_xaviers@yahoo.co.in
Areas of Interest:
Philosophical and Sociological foundations of education, Inclusive education, Dialogue based program, Reflective thinking & Teaching, Mentoring, e portfolio and Reflective journaling
Ms. Nishi Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification: M. Ed. M. A English Literature
E-mail: nishi.k@hotmail.com
Areas of Interest:

Educational Philosophy, Educational Sociology and Communication technology
Dr. Bijoy K.Thomas
Designation: Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Guide : University of Mumbai)
Educational Qualification: Ph.D,M.Phil.(Botany), M.Sc Botany, M.Ed
E-mail: bijoy@ebijoy.in 
Areas of Interest:
ICT in Education and Web based Learning, Research in Education, Organisational Behaviour, Educational Philosophy
Ms. Priti Sivaramakrishnan
Designation: Assistant Professor
Educational Qualification: M.Com, M.Ed
E-mail: priti.siva2008@gmail.com
Areas of Interest:

Inclusive education, Human resource management, Quality management, Crisis management, Leadership and Individualized education plan
Ms. Meena Subhash Suryavanshi
Designation: Librarian
Educational Qualification: B. Com., M.Lib. & Inf. Sc.
E-mail: meena161969@gmail.com
Areas of Interest:
Library Science
Office Administration
Ms. Violet Carvalho - Management Staff
Support Staff
Mr. Gautam Rachate Library Attendant
Mr. Bhaskar Kuli
Class IV
Mr. Deepak Jadhav Class IV
Mr. Vincent Dias
Class IV
Mr. Richard Maurice Class IV