Research Cell
Research Cell Activity 2019-20
Minor Research Project : Dr.Bijoy K Thomas
Effectiveness of Metaliterary Open Online Course on Epistemic Cognition, Ethics in Information Seeking Behaviour and Learning Culture among Pre-Service Teachers – A Mixed Method Approach.
Research Cell Activity 2018-19
MGNREGA : Minor Research Project : Ms. Kalpana Chavan , Dr.Bijoy K Thomas
Research Cell Activity 2017-18
  • Collaboration with other B.Ed. Colleges for Research Paper Presentation
  • Research presentation competition and e-Poster competition for teacher educators, M.Ed., B.Ed. students and research scholar to be conducted.

Broader aim of this Program

  • Greater collaboration with B.Ed. colleges and other research institutes
  • Improve the research culture in the institute
  • Connect with more research minded teachers/researchers for information exchange on research topics. 
Research Cell Activity : 26th March 2018 : Report

ICSSR Sponsored - National Seminar 

Topic: National Seminar - Educational Illumination: Global Understanding and Transformation - 13th & 14th  October 2017

Research Cell Activity 2016-17

Research forum

Research forum is organised by the students under X-LED with the support of the institution based on a view point on enhancing the dissemination of research findings. Research Forum was held at the college on 3rd April 2017. Following are the ongoing sponsored minor research projects taken up the faculty of the institution.

University Minor Research -Submiited

Dr.Bijoy K Thomas 

Development of a Web Based Positive Technology Model Course on the Basis of Attitude of Student Teachers towards Positive Technology, Positive Psychology and Positive Functioning.

UGC sponsored Minor Research fellowship was awarded to three Teaching faculty (Ongoing Research Project) 

1.  Dr.Sybil Thomas

Development  and  Impact  of  a  Reflective  Course  Packages  for   Capturing  Pre  Service  Teachers Beliefs and Approaches on Teaching and Learning- A Mixed Method Study 

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 2.  Dr.Geeta Shetty 

 A Study of the Effectiveness of the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Curriculum in developing Global Orientation among Pre-service teachers. 

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 3.  Dr. Vini Sebastian 

 Perception of parental involvement and the nature of the curriculum transaction in relation with the academic motivation of the Std 9 students in SSC and ICSE school in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai 

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 One ICSSR sponsored Research fellowship was completed by one Teaching faculty - Submitted

1.  Ms. Priti Sivaramakrishnan 

 A Study of Self Esteem of Secondary School Students in relation to their perceived parenting style and perceived teacher’s interpersonal behaviour. 

Academic Year 2013-2014

University Minor Research - Submitted
Mr. Bijoy Thomas - ‘A Study of relationship between the awareness of ethics in online information seeking behaviour and information literacy level among student teachers in Mumbai