Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

" Joyous, Creative Teacher Education "

Our Mission

" To Provide Quality Education For Empowerment and Enlightenment To create a just and Humane Society and Strive to build a World of Faith, Freedom and Fellowship For God's Greater Glory "

Our Objectives
  1. To provide creative teacher education
  2. To provide innovations in teacher education for continuous improvement.
  3. To develop thinking skills: self-directed and independent thinking.
  4. To be a resource center in teacher education:
  • Provide extension services.
  • Make teaching resources available to member schools.
  • Provide educational consultancy services.
  • Establish greater presence in academic circles and policy making bodies.
  • Greater collaboration with other teacher education colleges.
  • Greater collaboration with model school (SXBA).
  • Provide a forum for schools to voice their needs and problems.
  1. To make greater use of educational technology.
  2. To develop research skills.
  3. To be more productive through research activities and publication of articles.
  1. To make teaching-learning an enjoyable experience
  • To find out what makes for an enjoyable experience.
  • To plan events which make teaching-learning enjoyable.
  1. To prepare agents of social change
  • Women's issues, environment, non-formal education, etc.